Andy Smith
Mine action specialist

Issues and comment

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Comparing manual demining methods

Is there and demining being done in Iran?

How to become a kind of deminer

Is it safe to use rakes to find mines?

Land Release - a reduction in standards

How to get mines out of the ground safely

Why not clear mines in Myanmar?

Rake magnets and hand-held magnets

GICHD - still not fit for purpose...?

The slow death of International Standards

Is it safe to prod for mines?

Comment on Kevlar body armour

Is it safe to use free running EDD/MDD?

Developing safer demining handtools

Wearing blast goggles instead of blast visors?

Wearing a chin-strap with a visor or helmet

What are the IMAS requirements for hand tools?

Are tripwire operated mines the greatest danger to deminers?

Magnets and safety

The HSE mine

False confidence and blast boots

The REDS Demining system

The Arjun Demining System

Why isn't it safer for a deminer to work lying down?

IMAS and its PPE Requirements

UNMAS in Libya - another critical failure

Mask face protection

Reducing land, resurvey, Land release

FFE/FFI - or blow in-situ? (pros and cons)

HSTAMIDS - metal-detector and GPR combination

Monitoring success in MRE (Mine risk education)

Using the database of demining accidents

Crunching data from the Database of Accidents

UK's debt to Libya over explosives

UNMAS in Sudan - a shameful episode

Risk to civilians from hazards other than mines

Utility of mines, and of the ICBL

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