Andy Smith
Mine action specialist

Manual demining tools

The demining tool-set


Designed in 1998, the tool-set contains an Excavator, an MIT profile probe, a pick-prod, a demining trowel or mini-spade, a brush, shears, mine-markers and root cutters. To complete the set, a tripwire feeler, maintenance tools and a saw have been added. A pulling device is an optional extra.

The saw is a one-handed bow-saw capable of cutting quite large timber if necessary (20cm from one side is the maximum recommended). To minimise weaknesses, the blade and handle are held in place using 10mm nylocks and heavy rivets. 

The maintenance tools are a medium half-moon file and a triangular “Indian” Norton oil-stone. The shape of the stone allows it to be used on the irregular saw teeth if required, although that blade is designed to be replaced rather than serviced after extended use. 

The tripwire feeler is 64cm long and made from 3mm galvanised wire.

The bag itself is made from waterproof canvas reinforced with polycarbonate. The lining has pockets for all the tools, held in place with Velcro straps. The cover includes pockets to store the straps and fixings that allow it to be used as a “suitcase” or back-pack and to have the AVS Mk3 PPE attached to it so that the carrier has both hands free. 

At the time of writing, the manufacturer reports that thousands of excavation tools and hundreds of full tool-kits have been sold. Customers have included military and humanitarian demining groups.