Andy Smith
Mine action specialist
The AVS demining markers

These were devised as part of the demining tool-bag. They are  a “Mine-marker” alternative to the “cone” often used to mark a find prior to its destruction, a Signal-indicator and an Excavation- guide.

The Mine-marker is a collapsible four-sided box made from a flexible, washable fabric and non-magnetic brazing rod that is silver-soldered together. With 12cm sides it stands 9cm high. When not in use, it folds flat and fits in a pocket or in the manual demining tool-bag.

The Signal-indicator is a small hexagon of polycarbonate with a red cross in the middle. It is designed to be placed at the centre of a metal-detector reading. The detector can then be used over the top of the marker to confirm the centre of the reading and the marker moved if necessary. It includes a loop of nylon string so that it can be worn around the wrist or located easily when in a pocket.

The Excavation-guide is a triangle of polycarbonate with a 1cm lip at one end and a red triangle at the other.  The distance from the point of the red triangle to the bend is 20cm. The user is intended to place the triangle at the centre of the detector reading and start excavating behind the guide. When he has reached the required depth, he moves the guide and works forward to uncover the source of the reading.

Made using lightweight and transparent polycarbonate, the Signal-indicator and the Excavation-guide allow the deminer to see the ground and should not add to risk in the event of an unintended detonation.