Andy Smith
Mine action specialist

AVS PPE: tools, armour and visors


Using field experience and the Database of Demining Accidents to inform me over what the needs for protection really are - I have designed a range of equipment over the years, almost all of which has been, broadly speaking, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

My aim has been to produce low-cost and effective equipment that can be manufactured near the point of use. I retain no commercial interest in any of my designs and make them freely available to appropriate groups on request.

The demining apron body armour has been taken up and adapted by many others and has proved very popular in the field. My original apron design (1996) is still used, along with later armours and my designs of blast visors.

The severity of injury caused by inappropriate tools indicates an ongoing need for improved tools - which I continue to work on sporadically. Design engineers may like to work on this, but I recommended that they spend hours actually using any tool before blast-testing it or announcing its success.

This picture shows the mine-grab.


AVS designs of


AVS designs of eye
and face protection

AVS Blast-resistant



AVS disrupters