Anti-personnel blast mine


The PMN-2 is a plastic-cased, pressure operated, anti-personnel blast mine (including a complex arming-delay and blast resistance mechanism). Made in the former Soviet Union, it has been found in Afghanistan, Angola, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Chechnya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Honduras, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Tajikistan and Thailand. The mine has a body that is usually green plastic (occasionally brown) with a black rubber cross on top.

Height: 53mm
Diameter: 120mm
Main charge: 100g TNT/RDX

The PMN-2 detonator is integral but the booster charge screws into the base. The HE charge is entirely on the side of the mine opposite the arming pin (it is lacquered black in the picture above). To destroy the mine with a small explosive charge, the charge must be placed on the side adjacent to the HE charge.

The picture below shows the parts of the pressure plate.

Although a complex mine (which often means 'unreliable') the PMN-2 remains functional in most ground conditions for many years.