Anti-personnel blast mine



The PMA-2 was manufactured in the former Yugoslavia and has been widely used throughout the Balkans. It is also reported to have been used in Angola, Namibia and has been seen in Zimbabwe.

The PMA-2 is a pressure operated plastic AP blast mine. Its metal content is very small. The characteristic green 'spider' is the pressure plate which is normally positioned above the ground surface, so the mines are designed to be laid at a very shallow depth.

Height : 60mm
Diameter: 68mm
Main charge: 100g TNT
Colour: green or white.

The mine uses an UPMAH-2 fuze with integral detonator. The detonator casing is small and can be difficult to detect with a metal-detector even if the mine is on the surface.

The plunger initiates a friction sensitive compound, which fires the detonator and so the TNT. When wet, the friction sensitive compound may fail. When the compound dries out, the compound may then function as designed.