Anti-personnel blast mine


The PMA-1 is an anti-personnel blast mine manufactured in the former Yugoslavia. A plastic box mine that is usually coloured dark green, it has been found in Angola, Namibia and throughout the Balkans.

Height: 30mm
Length: 140mm
Width: 70mm
Explosive charge: 200g TNT
Fuze, the fuze is a UPMAH-1 fitted with a detonator that lies on its side within the explosive charge.

The detonator makes it relatively easy (compared to the PMA-2 and PMA-3) to detect with a metal-detector. The detonator is initiated by a friction sensitive compound that can fail when wet. When the compound dries out, the fuze may then function as designed.

A version of the fuze with a plastic cased detonator is reported to have been made. This would render the mine 'metal-free', so undetectable with a metal-detector.