Andy Smith
Mine action specialist

Field Risk Assessment (FRA)


I first drafted on IMAS TNMA on Field RIsk Assessment in 2008 and all but one response was positive. The one 'negative' person claimed that the demining group he represented did it all already. Sadly, they don't and I doubt whether he read a word of it, despite having a very responsible role on the IMAS Review Board. In contrast, the National Authority in Afghanistan immediately recognised its value and adopted it, asking for it to become a formal IMAS. That has not happened, of course, but GICHD does now offer a training course designed to encourage takeup (I drafted material for that in 2016).

I then wrote a Risk Management SOP for HMA in which Field Risk Assessment is explained in detail.

Click here to open the Global SOP covering Risk Management in HMA as an Adobe PDF file.