Anti-personnel blast mine



The VS-50 is a plastic anti-personnel blast mine incorporating an overpressure mechanism preventing initiation in the event of sudden shock or impact. Manufactured in Italy and usually green or sand coloured, the mine has been found in Afghanistan, Angola, Ecuador, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mozambique, Peru, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Western Sahara and Zimbabwe.

Height: 45mm
Diameter: 90mm
Main charge: 45g RDX

The red arming "pin" shown in the picture above varies in shape depending on the method of distribution, which could be mechanical or by hand.

The mine was offered with varying degrees of metal content as selected by the purchaser. Some are fitted with a metal plate and so relatively easy to detect with a metal-detector, in others the plate is replaced with a plastic alternative. There is no known external distinguishing mark to indicate those that are 'minimum metal'.