VALMARA 69 (V69)
Anti-personnel bounding fragmentation mine



The Valmara-69 or V-69 is a bounding fragmentation anti-personnel landmine made in Italy. It is known to have been used in Angola, Egypt, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Mozambique, Sudan and Western Sahara. An inner casing is packed with fragments of chopped steel. The plastic outer case is usually green or sand coloured.

Height: 205mm
Diameter: 130mm
Main charge: 420g TNT/RDX (Composition B)
Fuze: an integral five-pronged fuze is designed for pressure and tripwire (tilt) operation.

Examples found in the same minefield have varied significantly in build quality (although all apparently came from the same production facility). This variation may influence your decision over whether to disarm the mine by replacing its arming clip. Examples of the different crowns are shown below. Generally, if a crown has rusted badly it is of a lower build quality and may be unpredictable.

The picture below shows a copy known as the 'J-69' that was made in South Africa. These may have only one fuze prong. The J-69 was widely used in Southern Africa (especially Angola and Namibia).