Anti-Personnel blast mine


The R2M2 was manufactured in South Africa and has been used in large numbers throughout Southern Africa, especially Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, and Namibia. It is a pressure operated minimum-metal mine. See the R2M1/2 Factsheet for more detail.

Height: 57mm
Diameter: 69mm
Colour: various shades of green and beige (fading to white if exposed for long periods)
Main charge: 58g RDX/Wax

A booster charge screws into the base of the mine. The cap of the booster may be extended into a plastic spike as shown above. This was intended to prevent mine movement after placement.

Although the metal content seems relatively large, it has proven particularly difficult to detect with a metal-detector. The picture below shows the metal content, comprising three ball bearings, a coil-spring, a pin and an aluminium-alloy cased detonator.

The plastic parts of the mine become brittle with prolonged exposure to UV. When the plastic cracks the mechanism holding the spring can be released. This is probably the cause of the spontaneous detonations have been recorded.