Anti-personnel bounding fragmentation mine



The PROM-1 was made in the former Yugoslavia. It has been widely used throughout the Balkans, Ukraine and in Iraq. It has also been seen in small numbers in Namibia and Angola. This is a pressure or tripwire operated bounding fragmentation mine shaped like a bottle. The mine is usually a dull olive green.

Diameter: 75mm
Height : 260mm
Main charge: 425g TNT/RDX

The mine uses an UPROM-1 fuze that may also be designated UPMR-3. It is usually supplied with 2 rolls of plastic coated tripwire each 16m long.

The mine is initiated by tilting the prongs at the top of the fuze. This can be done by direct pressure or by pulling a tripwire. More than one tripwire can be attached to the same fuze. On initiation, the mine body is thrown into the air leaving the base plate in the ground. The body is tethered to the base plate with a wire (around a metre long). When the wire is pulled tight, that initiates the main charge and the body of the mine fragments in a 360 degree radius.

This mine has been responsible for the deaths of more deminers than any other mine on record. Most fatal accidents have occurred by striking the fuze-prong while cutting undergrowth, or while attempting to re-fit the safety collar (improvised clips seem most dangerous).