Anti-personnel bounding fragmentation mine



The OZM-72 is a bounding fragmentation anti-personnel mine made in the former Soviet union. It has been found in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua, Sudan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Yemen and Zambia. The cylindrical cast iron body of the mine is usually coloured olive green.

Height: 172mm
Diameter: 108mm
Main charge: 0.66 kg TNT
Fuze: the mine can be set for tripwire, pressure or command detonation. MUV fuzes are usually used for tripwire initiation. MVN-2M, VPF, RO-8, and NM initiators may also be used.

For a detailed PDF file on the OZM-72 compiled by Vanja Jokic using original Russian military sources, 2011, click here.