Anti-personnel directional fragmentation mine



The MRUD is a directional fragmentation mine made in the former Yugoslavia. It is supplied with folding legs that allow it be be set up on the ground or attached to a tree/stakes. Generally coloured olive green, it is known to have been used throughout the Balkan region and Ukraine. The face of the mine encases a matrix of 650 5mm diameter steel balls that are fired in a forward direction on initiation. A slight curve to the face of the mine widens the spread of the fragments.

Height: 89mm
Length: 231mm
Main charge: 900g plastic (PETN or RDX)

Frequently used with an electrical command initiation fuze, it may also be fitted with one or two tripwire fuzes and detonators. One of the detonator wells may be used to link mines together with detonating cord.

Directional fragmentation mines are not 'mines' under the terms of the Ottawa Convention (Mine Ban Treaty) because they are designed to be used with an electrical initiation system. The fact that they can also be used with victim-initiated fuzing systems is often ignored.