Andy Smith
MIne action specialist

Is there HMA in Iran

Andy Smith

Despite being the second most mined country in the world, Iran has hardly featured at all in the world of Humanitarian Mine Action. This did not change following the removal of political and economic sanctions after the government agreed to halt the development of nuclear weapons. The reimposition of sanctions by the USA makes it unlikely that Iran's needs will be recognised by the international donor commuity now. Some national groups are actively clearing mines and explosive hazards today, but poorly equipped and without funding, they cannot achieve much.

Valmara mines on stakes

As with other countries, Iran's problems with post-conflict mines and explosive hazards are unique. This picture showing Valmara-69 bounding fragmentation mines raised on stakes is an example. The area was marshland in the war so the mines were raised high and given a firm base to bound against.

Approximately 16 million mines remain.

Click here to read a short background paper about the problem in Iran in 2016 (it is mostly pictures).

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