Andy Smith
MIne-action specialist
Manual demining protection
Blast visors and head-frames

The AVS standard blast visor has been made and marketed for twenty years by a commercial company in Africa (more than 40,000 made and sold). [As always, I retain no commercial or other interest in the exploitation of my equipment designs.] The visors are made by heat-forming 5mm untreated polycarbonate in a special oven. During 2009 I extended the design range with the same African manufacturer. Visors now offered by them include the Mask-visor, half-visor, Lightweight "Platinum" visor and the Standard visor.

It became necessary to return to visors and face-protection after an analysis of accident data showed that deminers were losing their eyesight as frequently as they did before the full-face visor became the industry standard in 2002. Problems with comfort, clarity of vision and airlessness were cited as reasons for not using the visor correctly (in a "down" position).

AVS visor designs

Briefly, the "Platinum" visor on the far left is 20% lighter than the "Standard" visor on the far right, has better ventilation and the new double head-frame makes it more secure and more comfortable to wear. The half-visor has obvious advantages in terms of weight, less obvious is the ability to tilt the visor face close to the eyes and so see more clearly through it. The "Mask-visor" is also much lighter than the Standard visor, has a fully vented area in front of face and nose and fits the improved head-frame. It also hangs closer to the eyes and includes a "sun-visor" to shield against reflections on the inside face of the visor.  

For more information about those visors, see the Security Devices website.