Andy Smith
MIne-action specialist 

Manual demining protection

Mk3 demining apron  


The AVS designed Mk3 demining blast apron is not a traditional, close-fitting design of body armour. It does not have straps that pull the armour to the body, but hangs comfortably from the shoulders to form a blast-proof wall between the deminer and the device he is working on. This is a principle that has proved effective in at least fifty real prodding accidents where the deminer has beenwearing the Mk1 or Mk3 apron.

Deminers often have to put on and take off protective equipment many times during a working day. Because the apron has no straps or fixings it can be put on and off in a few seconds. Demining often takes place in countries with a hot climate, making conventional military armour very uncomfortable to wear all day. The AVS Apron has been designed to allow air to circulate between the apron and the body, helping the wearer remain cool.

The collar overlaps a standard 5mm AVS visor whenever the wearer is looking down. This stops blast getting under the visor and threatening the wearer’s throat. The combination, together with a flap that protects the throat when the head is raised, offers very good blast protection to the head, neck, torso, abdomen and groin.

Other features include an ID pocket, name-tag, wipe-clean cover and padded neck. For deminers who usually work upright, such as dog handlers, the apron can be made longer - or an extension that hangs down to the ankles can be used.

Dimensions: 48 x 90 x 0.7cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
STANAG V50: 450 m/s 
Kevlar, ballistic aramid, nylon, polycarbonate.